The first online meeting of the members of the Board of Directors of the Serbian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce "SAKOM" in 2024 was held on January 22, with the intention of making numerous significant decisions for the current year, which marks four years since SAKOM's Scholarship Program has been launched.

We are pleased to present our new scholarship holder, Marta Petrović, a first-year student at the Academy of Applied Technical Studies in Belgrade, who is the first talented future artist among our scholarship holders. Marta also received a Samsung tablet as a gift, in keeping with our tradition of providing tablet devices to new scholarship holders, wishing to make studying and communication easier and more successful.
In addition, we extended the scholarship to Bojana Jezdimirović, a second-year student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, who studies diligently and works on herself.

This meeting also provided an opportunity to learn about the progress of our scholarship holder Stojan Vučinić, for whom additional funds were approved by the SAKOM Board of Directors in order to attend an English language course. By doing so, we were able to fulfill Stojan's desire to master a foreign language. Stojan has fully justified our trust and exceeded our expectations. We wish him much success in gaining new knowledge.

During the meeting, it was concluded that SAKOM has a productive year ahead, with many goals set, and our students' expected successes, which SAKOM website visitors will be able to read more about in the coming period.