Serbian Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce
Serbian Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce

About us

Association Serbian-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce "SAKOM" as a non-governmental and non-profit organization

brings together socially responsible companies connected by the idea of humanity and the desire to contribute to the strengthening of cultural and philanthropic ties between the Serbian and Azerbaijani people. Currently, SAKOM unites 24 construction companies, which together participate in the realization of key infrastructure projects in Serbia, while within SAKOM they respond to challenges in a socially responsible manner, aiming at being useful members of the communities in which they operate.

Our Scholarship Holders

Mr. Turkoglu, president of SAKOM, with scholarship holders at the annual session of the Assembly in 2022. Below you can meet our valuable students.

SAKOM stipendisti

SAKOM Scholarships

In 2020 SAKOM launched its Scholarships programme that gives financial support to students committed to education and personal improvement. As it is known, there are many young people that could not afford to go on to university or struggle to afford it. SAKOM through its contribution supports hard working, smart students who need financial encouragement. The sum of 12,000 dinars covers a monthly scholarship throughout one year.