Serbian Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce
Serbian Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce

COVID-19 in Serbia

We are sharing with you the latest information about COVID-19 epidemic in Serbia, updated regularly using all relevant sources in the country.

In 2020 SAKOM launched its Scholarships programme that gives financial support to students committed to education and personal improvement. As it is known, there are many young people that could not afford to go on to university or struggle to afford it. SAKOM through its contribution supports hard working, smart students who need financial encouragement. The sum of 12,000 dinars covers a monthly scholarship throughout one year.

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"Serbian Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (SAKOM) is an association, founded as a voluntary, non-governmental and not-for-profit organization,

based on a freedom of association for uniting both legal entities and individuals, with an aim to implement and improve main and general goals, objectives and interests of the members, arising from the need to establish wider and better business and cultural cooperation of business communities, entrepreneurs, banks and other financial organizations, insurance organizations, individuals and non-profit organizations from Republic of Serbia, Republic of Azerbaijan and other countries, in accordance with the Association policy."

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