SAKOM scholarship holder Stojan Vučinić

My life and the continuation of my studies have been influenced greatly by SAKOM’s scholarship. As a result of the complexity of my injury, I was unable to work and support myself financially during my studies. My financial problems were solved by SAKOM’s scholarship, making the process of obtaining a law degree much easier.

In the future, I envision myself as a successful lawyer who works hard and achieves great results. With my work and effort, I intend to improve society, because only hard work and effort will lead to success.

Azerbaijan is a beautiful country with a rich culture and language. I am looking forward to visiting the capital Baku, seeing the city symbol – the Fire Tower, as well as enjoying traditional Azerbaijani cuisine and music.

With its great concern for us students and through its activities, SAKOM is a great help to us. I wish to thank SAKOM once more for the support, care, and devotion provided