Azvirt’s Donation to the Serbian Orthodox Monastery Duboki Potok

The company “Azvirt,” as a SAKOM member, joined the donation for the Serbian Orthodox Monastery Duboki Potok, which provided adequate conditions for preserving old church manuscripts from the 16th century.

Considering that SAKOM set aside 3.000,00 EUR (three thousand euros) to purchase a bookshelf cabinet, Azvirt used its funds to purchase a Data Logger 175H1 device that allows monitoring the humidity level in the room where the 5-century-old books are being kept. Azvirt has also donated chemicals, which regulate humidity in the bookshelf cabinets.

The value of this Azvirt’s action, which supports the preservation of cultural heritage, is 50,076.00 RSD (fifty thousand seventy-six dinars).

Abbot Romilo Jelić and the Monastery Duboki Potok’s monastic fraternity have expressed their sincere gratitude for the support provided to maintain and preserve this religious and cultural monument from the 14th century.