4th SAKOM Online Meeting of the Board of Directors

During the 4th SAKOM Online Meeting of the Board of Directors, held on July 7th, 2021, the following agenda items were discussed:

1. Approval of new scholarship applications, submitted by Ines Bjelić, Jana Vukosavić, and Stefan Ljubinković.

Considering the exceptional academic results and unenviable financial struggles of some candidates, the three scholarship applications have been unanimously accepted. The three new SAKOM scholarship holders are Ines Bjelić, a second-year student of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade; Jana Vukosavić, a first-year student of Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade; and Stefan Vukosavić, a freshman, who has just enrolled to the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, the Department in Novi Sad.

Mr. Ahmet Murat Turkoglu, the SAKOM President, noted how SAKOM is looking forward to increasing the number of potential scholarship holders up to 20 students, who are exceptional and fully dedicated to their studies and self-improvement, and who require additional financial support. Thanks to the unanimous consent of the SAKOM Board, there are nine scholarship holders supported by SAKOM so far.

2. Revocation of the Board’s decision dated March 29, 2021, regarding the allocation of 2,000.00 EUR to the Monastery “Duboki Potok” to purchase the library cabinet for storing precious old books, and deciding to allocate 3,000.00 EUR instead.

On March 29, 2021, the SAKOM Board decided to allocate 2.000,00 EUR (two thousand euros) to the Serbian Orthodox Monastery “Duboki Potok” for the procurement of the special bookshelf cabinet for storing old manuscripts and books. (Read more about this here.)

However, during the last three months, SAKOM has encountered numerous issues in finding the right bookshelf cabinet due to the high prices on the market that do not fit the allocated budget. Therefore, it was decided to bring the subject up during this Board Meeting, and the Board concluded to revoke the decision dated March 29, and made a new one, which allows the Monastery Duboki Potok to finalize this issue independently for the price a bit higher than the previous one – 3.000,00 EUR (three thousand euros).

3. Buying 9 tablets for the SAKOM scholarship holders.

Considering that the Assembly of the City of Belgrade initiated an action to obtain tablets that will facilitate learning for all students from the territory of the City of Belgrade, and considering that our scholarship holders have just finished the academic year, SAKOM suggested the same procurement for its scholarship holders.

Per the SAKOM budget and desire to procure good-quality tablets, it was decided to buy TAB SM Galaxy Tab A7 T500. The tablets will be given to the scholarship holders on July 13, 2021, during the dinner in the restaurant Madera in Belgrade, and celebration of the successful end of the academic year. As before, company Azvirt sponsors events of this nature.