The company Azvirt donated a sterilization device to KBC Zemun

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that our member, Azvirt, has generously donated an instrument sterilization apparatus to the emergency department of Hospital-Clinical Center Zemun.

Azvirt's exceptional contribution is yet another example of its social responsibility and commitment to SAKOM's objectives. By donating a device for sterilizing instruments valued at 1,000.00 euros, the greatest assurance has been achieved that all instruments will be effectively sterilized and ready for safe use in the reception and care service for emergency situations, which deals with critical cases on a daily basis.

Let us remind you that in December 2020, SAKOM, with the support and solidarity of the united Board of Directors and members of SAKOM, provided financial assistance to the Hospital-Clinical Center Zemun for the purchase of 114 pairs of shoes and 138 uniforms with the aim of enabling an uninterrupted work process during the difficult times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

It is pleasing to know that both within SAKOM and independently, our members continue to participate in socially responsible endeavors.

Azvirt donacija KBC Zemun EN
Azvirt donacija KBC Zemun EN