SAKOM scholarship holder Željko Grbić

Studying law and receiving a scholarship have been significant experiences in my life. In addition to being a financial aid, this scholarship also serves as a testament to my commitment and hard work. As a result of being able to focus on my education, it provides me with a sense of security and opens up many opportunities for me.

By covering my living expenses, I am relieved of the financial burden and can concentrate on my studies. In this way, I am able to conduct more in-depth research, participate in additional activities, and acquire additional knowledge and skills.

As a future lawyer, I feel a responsibility towards society. I plan to use my knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of justice and the legal system in our country. I consider this scholarship the first step toward my goal. As a result of its receipt, I am especially motivated to persist in my studies and achieve exceptional results.

By continuing my education and acquiring knowledge, I hope to contribute to society’s development. As a lawyer, I will have the privilege of representing justice and contributing to stability and order. Through the protection of all people’s rights and equality, I believe I will help build a fair and prosperous society. Through my work and involvement, I want to change attitudes and convince people of the importance of respecting the law and legal norms.

If I visited Azerbaijan, I would like to see its rich culture, which flows through art, music, and traditional customs. I would like to explore its rich history by visiting historical monuments such as Shirvanshah Castle in Baku and the old city center. I would love to experience Azerbaijan’s nature, including the Caucasus Mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. I would also like to experience the country’s culinary heritage and enjoy authentic Azerbaijani dishes. Visiting national parks and protected areas, such as Gobustan National Park, would allow me to get to know Azerbaijan’s nature in a beautiful way.