SAKOM scholarship holder Tamara Gligorić

To begin with, I would like to thank SAKOM for providing me with their scholarship, as well as for the efforts and commitment they put into organizing the events we, the scholarship holders, attended. As well as socializing and getting to know the people who made the scholarship possible, we also gained a deeper understanding of Azerbaijan’s culture,which is amazing!

Studying in another city can be challenging, and the SAKOM scholarship has greatly facilitated my fourth year of study at the Faculty of Economics, for which I am extremely grateful and see it as a confirmation of my hard work. After completing college, I intend to pursue a career in marketing and public relations, a field in which I found myself during my volunteer work for a student organization. Additionally, I would like to one day be able to share what I have been given with some new generations, as well as contribute to society and young people.

I have always enjoyed traveling and learning foreign languages, so I am interested in visiting Azerbaijan and learning the basics of the language. In the event that I were to have the opportunity to visit this country, I would particularly like to see the capital, Baku, as well as all the sights in the city, and I am particularly interested in attending the Fire Towers, as Azerbaijan is known as the land of fire.