SAKOM scholarship holder Nemanja Jovanović

The languages and cultures of different peoples have always been the focus of my interest. Since I have friends from Azerbaijan, I decided to learn the Azerbaijani language, and I took it as a second foreign language at the Faculty of Philology two years ago.

Based on my work, activities and correct knowledge, the professor of Azerbaijani decided to propose me for a SAKOM scholarship, which the Chamber approved. Receiving the scholarship is a kind of recognition for my commitment and love for Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people, language, and culture. The scholarship gave me access to more educational material. As a scholarship holder, I have met new people, but I also understood that someone has given me support and trust that I should not let down. After graduating, I would like to join the Chamber and contribute to promoting the Azerbaijani people, language, and culture, as it would be an ideal opportunity to apply my knowledge of the Azerbaijani language, primarily if I work as a translator.

I would like to visit beautiful Azerbaijan, the land of fire. Most of all, I would like to go to Baku, see my friends, walk with them through the “Old City” and learn something more about the history of Azerbaijan. I would definitely visit the “Maiden’s Tower,” I would admire the view from the top of the mountain “Kapaz,” and I would like to see the “Ateshgah” – the fire temple. But my main goal in visiting Azerbaijan is to get to know its most significant wealth – the people.