SAKOM scholarship holder Milica Vučković

SAKOM’s scholarship has had a significant impact on my life by providing me with financial support during my studies and allowing me to fully concentrate on academic performance. It provided me with additional motivation to achieve excellent results at university, engage even more and realize my full potential. In addition, it allowed me to fully focus on my education and not have a financial burden that would hold me back in some way. This is because otherwise I would have to do temporary jobs that would distract me from my studies and obligations at university.

Once I have completed my college education, I intend to become an active member of society, willing to contribute with my knowledge and skills. Through the application of what I learned at the university as well as through my involvement in non-governmental organizations, volunteering, and promoting values that I consider important, such as education, I believe I can contribute to the advancement of society. Participating in the aforementioned types of organizations will enable me to contribute to the economic, social, and cultural development of society.

If given the opportunity to visit Azerbaijan, I would like to see its rich cultural heritage, including the architectural beauty of Baku, ancient landmarks such as Gobustan and Sheki, as well as beautiful natural landscapes such as the Caspian Lake and the Caucasus Mountains. I am also interested in getting to know the Azerbaijani people, their traditions, cuisine and art, in order to gain a deeper insight into the rich culture of this country. Additionally, visiting Azerbaijan would allow me to expand my horizons, understand different perspectives, and exchange ideas with the local population, which would enrich my personal development. I would take the opportunity to explore Azerbaijani cuisine and try authentic dishes as part of a cultural experience.