SAKOM scholarship holder Maša Vučetić

The scholarship SAKOM has provided me greatly influenced my life in the best possible way.

We all know that the costs of studying are immense, and I am supported only by my mother, who herself has a minimum wage. The scholarship allowed me to make it easier for her as much as possible, but it also became the wind beneath my wings.

Horses are my greatest love. I work with English thoroughbreds, more precisely with gallopers. After graduating from university, I see myself as a veterinarian, specializing just in them.

As for contributing to society, everything has to do with horses. I want to bring people closer to these beautiful animals. Of course, galloping and galloping sport is something that I am currently in and will remain in (although in our country, this sport is still considered very masculine). Still, I believe that I can improve people’s affinities with horses, save many, and find a safe home for those who are no longer capable of racing.

All in all, people in Serbia are minimally familiar with horses and how to work with them, and I think this is a significant loss for this society. I hope that in a few years, maybe not by myself; but still, I will be able to bring our people closer to horses.

If I ever had the opportunity to visit Azerbaijan, I would like to see how people there function with horses, how significant the presence of people who deal with them is, and visit a hippodrome or a horse farm.

Maša Vučetić