SAKOM scholarship holder Klara Ćirić

I am extremely grateful that I was selected as one of SAKOM’s scholarship holders. The scholarship made it easier for me to cover my monthly expenses during my studies, including rent for my apartment, food, study materials, as well as personal hobbies that I would not otherwise have been able to support.

The opportunity to meet other scholarship holders, who I would not have met without SAKOM’s events, inspired me a great deal regarding my own future after studies. As a student of English, I would like to support those who are most vulnerable in a variety of ways, in addition to teaching and preparing them for entrance exams.

As a future educator, I envision my classroom as a safe space for all students. There would be a shelf with basic necessities, spare clothes and shoes, as well as textbooks for those who could barely afford them. I stand for equality among students and self-expression safety, regardless of what it is about.

It is only what we give that counts as ours. Children are the future of our country, so if we invest in their well-being, we can hope for a better and more beautiful tomorrow.

It would be incomplete to visit Azerbaijan without visiting its capital, Baku. I would visit the National Museum of Azerbaijan’s History and walk along Nizami Street, where you can see various architecture styles. I would most like to experience the culture itself, meet the locals, and taste the local cuisine.