SAKOM scholarship holder Dunja Pupavac

Fellow social scientists often explain to us that one’s destiny is closely intertwined with both individual and social characteristics. Our success can often depend on factors that are not in our personal domain. If we take into account the peculiarities of our context, in Serbia, socio-historical movements have shaped our reality and traced the paths of young people in many ways. These peculiarities in the transformation of society and the world around us have not bypassed science.

Young people who decide to dedicate themselves to scientific work are in an unenviable situation. I do not wish to question young scientists and researchers’ determination, readiness, and commitment. Still, I wish to draw attention to those aspects of scientific work beyond a particular individual’s power. Trivia such as student material security and financial security can greatly facilitate or hinder students’ scientific development. Fortunately, a group of dedicated and talented young people and I had the privilege to be recognized by the SAKOM organization, which is ready to help us – students, willing to put their own strength on the altar of science – with advice, commitment, but also money.

I will try not to betray the trust that SAKOM has shown me in my future work, and I believe that my successes will be more than a confirmation of that. In addition, I think that this is an excellent platform for future cooperation between young and talented researchers in Serbia and Azerbaijan. Our deeds will speak for us.

Dunja Pupavac