SAKOM scholarship holder Anastaija Plazinić

It is my great honor to be one of SAKOM’s scholarship holders, and at the same time, I extend my sincere gratitude.

This incredible scholarship represents for me an enormous reward. Thanks to your support, I am the first in my family to be a student at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. Growing up in a less privileged community does not only deliver financial and academic challenges but also helps to understand the value of a college education. With your help, I am finishing my first year of studies easier. You have made my financial burden less heavy, allowing me to focus more on the most crucial aspect of school: studying. The financial aid you have provided me with is of great help in paying for educational expenses, and it allows devoting most of my time to studying.

Your humanity has inspired me to help other people. My life dream of attending the Faculty of Economics is moving forward. I hope to be part of the SAKOM team one day and thus help students achieve their goals just as you’ve helped me. By gaining knowledge and experience in economics, I hope that I will have the opportunity to make operating in economic entities more efficient and productive than nowadays and improve the standards of the population in whatever environment I end up working.

If I had the opportunity to visit Azerbaijan, I would like to see, with the greatest pleasure, the Maiden’s Tower in Baku and the Heydar Aliyev Center.

Thank you for everything.

I wish you to continue encouraging and supporting many more scholarship holders in their most crucial role, acquiring knowledge.

Good luck with your mission!

Anastasija Plazinić