SAKOM Scholarship Awardee Nikolija Galjak

Caring for someone is the most sublime form of love, and nothing makes you protected like knowing that someone is taking care of you. The first impression after receiving the scholarship from the Serbian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce SAKOM was just a feeling of safety, followed by immeasurable gratitude and pride. Not only did this scholarship bring me material security and a problem less, but it primarily presented a form of support and faith in everything that I am trying to achieve as an individual through pursuing education. In this way, all the people who are part of the SAKOM have become an inseparable part of my life; they have become role models, protectors, part of the team that is on my side. It is a wonderful thing to feel safe and cared for and to know that nothing is expected of me in return, except to be diligent, my own, and not to give up my noble goals.

As a medical student, my main goal is to complete my studies as successfully as possible, gain confidence in everything I learn during these years, improve my relationship with people, and deepen my sense of other people’s troubles. As a future doctor, I pray to be a haven for people who need me, a person of trust, and someone who will be able to find a solution to the obstacle in front of them. I hope that I will dignifiedly and unceasingly honor every word of the Hippocratic oath that I utter.

By getting to know the world, we get to know ourselves. Traveling to Azerbaijan is on my wish list, especially when it comes to Baku. A city in which historical and modern intertwine, a city of fire, of a rich cultural life. It would be a pleasure to see this colorful city, meet its people, walk those streets and thus enrich life.

I will always be proud and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of SAKOM.

Nikolija Galjak