SAKOM’s Member – Company Azvirt – and Landscaping of KBC Zemun Circuit

The Serbian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce “SAKOM” established its first cooperation with the Hospital-Clinical Center KBC Zemun back in December 2020, when SAKOM donated shoes and uniforms to the KBC Zemun, as per the Decision of the SAKOM Board dated December 8, 2020. More about this read here. Alongside SAKOM, our member – company Azvirt – assisted this hospital-clinical center, which is the oldest hospital in Serbia, by providing financial support and donating medical equipment during the state of emergency.

To mutual satisfaction, the cooperation has not stopped on that note. As a matter of fact, the company Azvirt, the SAKOM’s member, received a kind inquiry regarding a possibility to assist in landscaping, i.e., in asphalting parking lot and a road near the hospital’s circuit.

It is crucial to note that KBC Zemun has over 600 beds with around 120 central oxygen beds for critically ill patients. For more than one year, KBC Zemun has been operating as a covid hospital. During this period, 27 500 patients have been examined in the covid first-aid post, and 7 500 patients have undergone hospital treatment. Nevertheless, the landscaping of their circuit required an adequate solution for performing uninterrupted transport of ambulance patients, supplying liquid oxygen to the oxygen tank, as well as oxygen cylinders and energy source, needed for heating the hospital.

In that regard, Azvirt has decided to provide its assistance in asphalting sections of hospital’s circuit, as well as arranging a part used for parking the vehicles. Thus, not only has Azvirt enabled more accessible transport of dangerous materials, access to fire engines and ambulances, but also enabled the easier exit of newborns from the maternity hospital KBC Zemun. By this means, Azvirt’s continuous support of the hospital continued in 2021. Azvirt proudly emphasizes its intention to be a constructive and valuable member of every community it operates in. SAKOM is happy to share the news and present the photos from the place where the works were executed.