Online Meeting of the Board of Directors

The SAKOM Meeting of the Board of Directors held on October 6, 2020, was executed online due to the COVID-19 pandemic for security and prevention of the infection’s spread. The meeting’s quorum was met, and two absent members of the Board extended their consent via email.

The meeting’s agenda consisted of three following items:

  1. Deciding on granting scholarships to Marta Galjak and Nikolija Galjak in the monthly amount of 100 EUR each during the academic year 2020/21;
  2. Deciding on SAKOM’s website redesign and maintenance, i.e., signing the Service Agreement with the Eastern European company BUTASBUREAU DOO;
  3. Discussing the convening of the SAKOM Assembly, aiming at deciding on a proposal to amend paragraph 25.5. of the SAKOM Statute by adding a possibility to hold a session via email.

The first agenda’s item was awarding the scholarship to daughters of a single mother from Kosovska Mitrovica, Marta Galjak and Nikolija Galjak, full-time self-financing students attending the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology (Marta Galjak) and the Faculty of Medicine (Nikolija Galjak). Hence, it is imperative to note that SAKOM is dedicated to granting scholarships to students in need, which represents a crucial point and navigation of SAKOM’s current and future activity to assisting young and auspicious students, deserving acknowledgment and support.

Furthermore, the Members of the Board positively greeted the initiative to renew the SAKOM website, considering that it was outdated and did not reflect the current chamber’s activity.

Finally, in the light of the current challenging times due to the pandemic COVID-19, a need for holding sessions of the BoD Meetings via email emerged. Hence, a brief discussion on this matter took place during the meeting, paving the way to adding this possibility to paragraph 25.5. of the SAKOM Statute. This amendment to the Statute will be a part of the SAKOM Assembly session that is yet to be held.

All of the agenda’s items were approved unanimously.