Online meeting of the Board of Directors of the Serbian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (SAKOM)

During the online meeting of the Board of Directors of the Serbian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce SAKOM, held on May 9, 2022, important decisions were made, including the expansion of SAKOM’s membership as well as granting and extending scholarships.

Regarding the expansion of SAKOM’s membership, the Board of Directors approved three applications for membership submitted by the following companies:

– Pimex d.o.o.
– Promont d.o.o.
– Peri-oplate d.o.o.

As per this decision, SAKOM’s membership consists of 23 legal entity members, whose accession helps SAKOM maintain its focus on promoting the potential of the Serbian and Azerbaijani economies and cultures in order to show the highest level of social responsibility.

It is essential to point out that SAKOM members are immensely helping in the realization of our most important project, i.e., a scholarship program for hard-working students who need financial help. Therefore, during the meeting, another scholarship was approved for a new scholarship holder, Milan Savić, a third-year student at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. Milan also received a Samsung tablet, which has become a tradition of ours to give a new tablet to the latest scholarship holders during their admission.

We also share the joy with our hard-working scholarship holders from last year – Jana Vukosavić, a second-year student at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade; Stefan Ljubinković, a first-year student at the Faculty of Economy in Novi Sad; and Ines Bjelić, a third-year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade – whose scholarships have been extended for another year, considering their excellent academic results.

In addition, the Board of Directors has scheduled the annual session of the Assembly for May 31, 2022. In order to save SAKOM’s budget primarily for the implementation of scholarship program, SAKOM members Azvirt, Naftachem and West-gradnja will provide their material support to cover all necessary costs for the organization of this event, which is of great importance for SAKOM.

We thank our esteemed members and congratulate the scholarship holders on their success!