Meeting of the Board of Directors

The first SAKOM Meeting of the Board of Directors during this year was held on March 6, 2020. This Meeting, which set a stone for SAKOM’s new goals and activity in general, was marked by a significant expansion of the SAKOM’s membership.

Namely, after thorough consideration and outlining in what direction SAKOM should go, considering its relatively long existence and a need to reconstruct SAKOM’s activity by developing more strategic, proficient and outcome bearing goals, the Board examined and pleasantly approved membership applications submitted by prominent and influential companies such as Ferbild, BS Telecom Solutions, Elektromontaza, Elektrovat, West-gradnja, Unogradnja, DIS Niskogradnja, Stepcon, Naftachem, Europolis, and one individual membership application submitted by lawyer Branko Armenko.

The newly appointed members and the SAKOM Board of Directors exchanged mutual satisfaction, pleasantly looking forward to establishing meaningful and harmonious cooperation.

The Meeting was followed by a professional dinner during which the participants had an opportunity to expand their network and ideas.