Gratitude for Successful Cooperation: SAKOM Representatives Visit Šabac

On April 29, a meeting took place at the City Hall of Šabac, where the Mayor of the city on the Sava River, dr Aleksandar Pajić, met with representatives of the Serbian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce “SAKOM,” including President Ahmet Murat Turkoglu, Vice-President Biserka Jevtimijević, and Board Member Rade Nikolić.

On this occasion, Mayor Pajić presented a certificate of appreciation to Murat Turkoglu for successful cooperation and the scholarship program for students from Šabac.

“The Serbian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce currently provides scholarships to 10 students from the Šabac area. Since our collaboration began in 2022, ‘SAKOM’ has financially supported 15 students from our city through its scholarship program. It is my pleasure to personally thank Murat and present a certificate of appreciation for the successful cooperation and support provided to the students of Šabac, for their care and dedication to making the students’ path to obtaining their diplomas easier. Together, we continue to care for the youth, as they are the future of our city,” stated Pajić.

“SAKOM” is an association that brings together socially responsible companies. Currently, it unites 27 construction companies that jointly participate in the realization of key infrastructure projects in Serbia.

“Considering that young people are the most precious part of any society because they represent a bright part of the future, ‘SAKOM’ has decided to provide financial encouragement to those in need, with a special desire to help them achieve their educational dreams. Over the past three years, 52 students have gone through our scholarship program. Thanks to excellent cooperation with the City of Šabac, ‘SAKOM’ has so far supported 15 students from the Šabac area, while currently, 10 students from Šabac are receiving our scholarship, which makes up 30% of our scholarship holders,” said Murat Turkoglu.

Turkoglu presented Mayor Pajić with a monograph about the Duboki Potok Monastery, the printing of which was financed by “SAKOM” and its members.

“There is a particularly significant partnership that ‘SAKOM’ nurtures. It is the friendship with the 14-century-old Duboki Potok Monastery, located in the municipality of Zubin Potok, in northern Kosovo, with its monastic church representing an immovable cultural heritage and a cultural monument. The monograph about this monastery has just been published, and its realization was entirely financed by ‘SAKOM’ and our members,” added Turkoglu.