Easter Letter

Dear SAKOM members,

Just few weeks ago when we met last time our lives were still unaffected by epidemic COVID -19 disease. The world has dramatically changed in a short period of time. The coronavirus is the biggest threat that humankind has faced for decades. We are all going through a difficult period that we have never experienced before. During this battle we should demonstrate solidarity, humanity and positive attitude. We should all act as a whole as the whole world needs to fight together.

Then again even under these unexpected conditions the world has not stopped. Everyone, not only us in SAKOM, tries to adapt and adjust to new circumstances, apply all necessary protection measures and maintain level of working activities that situation allows. None of us was prepared for this unparalleled circumstances.

We are together in this. All Institutions, every company and each citizen are going through the same challenging and unprecedented time. With all our energy and in full capacity we should be all contributing to a huge global effort to keep healthy and safe societies. It is crystal clear to us that challenge posed by the coronavirus should be managed in an organized and solidarity manner.

We intend to carry on SAKOM activities planned for year 2020. Immediately after this period is behind us, side by side we should do our best to invigorate Serbian and Azerbaijani economies with projects. But before that time comes we have to face the period that requires our general mobilization.

Dear Friends, I look forward to the moment when we will be discussing future big works and projects not viruses and health treats. My personal belief is that humanity survived many crisis and that we will overcome the current one too.

Serbian and Azerbaijani partners overcame many obstacles in the past, all together we will overcome the epidemic as well.

Let me conclude by saying that throughout this challenging and unprecedented time "SAKOM" will remain to be reliable member of Serbian society, dedicated partner of the Serbian Government and our members.

Even though this Easter will be much different than others we can use it to strengthen solidarity, understanding and tolerance with everyone regardless their faith. May this Easter bring you all lots of joy, happiness and love.

We wish you a safe and Happy Easter.

Murat Turkoglu