Naftachem d.o.o. is an oil company engaged in the import, shipping, storage, and distribution of Euro diesel EN590, as well as other petroleum products following the needs of our long-term customers.

Our suppliers are renowned foreign oil companies MOL and OMV. We have signed long-term supply contracts with them, which guarantees our customers a continuous and reliable supply as well as European fuel quality.

Naftachem is a long-term official warehouser of OMV Serbia for all quantities of Euro diesel and gasoline.


We have a tanker fleet of 8 vessels, with a total capacity of 10,000 tons, which are equipped according to the highest European standards. Apart from the transportation for our own needs, we have been providing shipping services for OMV and MOL for many years.

The new oil terminal in Sremski Karlovci, with a total capacity of over 16,000 m3, was built according to the highest European standards in technical and technological terms.

Its main purpose is the storage and manipulation of Euro diesel and gasoline. Goods are delivered by river, and it will soon be possible to deliver them by rail, while shipment of goods is made by tank trucks. The terminal is unique in terms of the fuel additive installation and the system for collecting vapors, the so-called VRU (vapor recovery unit), which additionally protected the quality of the goods and provided environmental protection.

Naftachem owns tank trucks for road transport of Euro diesel and gasoline according to the highest safety standards. The tanks are equipped with their own devices for loading and unloading and a digital measuring system, which guarantees control, quality of service, and goods delivered to our customers in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to our company's entire business in the past 13 years of existence, Naftachem is today highly positioned in the market of petroleum products. Cooperation with over 800 companies in Serbia also testifies to the value, quality, and commitment to customers.

Our vision of development implies the continuous provision of goods’ quality and services and further expansion of capacity under our satisfied customers' requirements.