Elektromontaža Kraljevo


Elektromontaža Kraljevo is one of the leading power facility construction companies in Serbia, possessing more than a half a century of experience in providing reliable infrastructural support to the Serbian electric power industry.

The Elekromontaža’s rich history is for the most part inextricably linked to the modernization of the national power distribution network as it has dynamically adapted its expertise and portfolio of services and products to development ambitions and challenges experienced since its founding in 1963.

Due to accumulated knowledge and gained experience, Elektromontaža gets involved in the largest current projects in the region in the field of electricity distribution and transmission, hydroelectric and thermal power generation, as well as renewable energy, transport infrastructure, urban lighting, and environmental protection projects. To meet our clients' individual needs and ensure sustainable development of the company, Elektromontaža is expanding its business scope and adapting it to modern technology principles, fostering high ethical and human standards, including a responsible attitude towards the wider community and the environment.

In 2012, Elektromontaža experienced an ownership transformation and got reorganized from a weakened state-owned company with losses into a competitive and market-oriented company within the Roaming Group. From that moment, by establishing a new business strategy, expanding the portfolio of products and services, applying modern technologies, and conquering new markets, the perspective of a company that does not give up but ambitiously steps towards new business ventures is permanently expanding.

In that respect, the current process of taking over the majority ownership of "Elektromontaža" by the company "Maneks Group" contributes to the achievement of ambitious goals if one takes into account the potential synergy of the two most prominent companies in the field of electricity that Serbia has at the moment.

Elektromontaža owes the merits for the continuous growth and improvement of business results in the country and abroad primarily to the vision and sound strategy and clearly defined goals of its management.

The company operates in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Hungary, and Germany. Elektromontaža is a socially responsible company that provides great help and support in organizing various humanitarian actions, sports and cultural events. Elektromontaža provides help to numerous schools and events in the City of Kraljevo, and especially to families who have suffered damage during floods and the most vulnerable households during the coronavirus.

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