Belgrade Bypass, which was opened to traffic on June 28, in its size and significance is one of the most important projects in the Republic of Serbia. Realization of this complex construction process was carried out by builders from Azerbaijan and China, specifically the companies ‘Azvirt’ and ‘Power China’ together with Serbian subcontractors.

‘Azvirt’ has been present on the Serbian market for more than a decade, and during that time, 60 km of high-quality highways have been built. 'Azvirt' emphasizes how proud they are of the Ljig-Preljina section on the corridor Miloš Veliki, which was handed over to the citizens of Serbia for use in 2016. This project in particular recommended them for work on the Belgrade Bypass, as well as 77 kilometers of highway and expressway from Ruma through Šabac until Loznica.

It is pointed out that they celebrated a first decade of work and existence in Serbia by intensifying their works, hence completing the colossal bridge over the Sava River near Šabac 6 month ahead of schedule. While a 25-kilometer modern highway between Ruma and Šabac is expected to open a year ahead of contracted time in October of this year.

“Our agenda is always the same, to spare no effort to meet project demands and to justify confidence given by our two Governments”, notes Murat Turkoglu, Azvirt's Managing Director in Serbia.

Besides the involvement in the road network development in the Republic of Serbia, Azvirt also possess many decades of experience in domain of infrastructure on the market of Azerbaijan and surrounding countries as well as in other European countries. In their portfolio they have many successful projects. ‘Azvirt’ was entrusted with many projects of strategic importance throughout all regions in Azerbaijan, including 8 international airports, more than 500 km of highway networks, including one of Baku’s landmarks – Flag Square, as well as the prestigious Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit in Baku, which has been designed for speed of 340 km per hour.

Having in mind that the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Azerbaijan are connected by strategic partnership, but also friendship between the two nations, Murat Turkoglu, the Managing Director of Azvirt in Serbia, points out:

“Please remember that ‘Azvirt’ builds not only bridges and roads but also everlasting bonds between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Serbia and their people.”