Annual Assembly of the Serbian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce: SAKOM Continues on the Path of Social Responsibility and Humanity

The idea of humanity and the desire to strengthen cultural and philanthropic ties between the Serbian and Azerbaijani people have brought together 27 construction companies under the umbrella of SAKOM. Through their socially responsible actions, these companies are making Serbia a more prosperous place to live.

The Assembly of the Serbian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (SAKOM) was held again this year in Belgrade, gathering numerous members, as well as representatives of all 27 construction companies united by the Chamber, and students, SAKOM scholarship holders.

The scholarship program for students from across Serbia – successfully implemented by SAKOM since 2020 – was once again a focal point of this year’s assembly. Reflecting on the successes of the previous period, this year’s SAKOM Assembly confirmed its determination to continue the scholarship program in the future, because this support must not cease and can certainly serve as an example of social responsibility both in Serbia and beyond.

This program provides financial support to diligent students who – in addition to the opportunity to enhance their education and personal development through a monthly scholarship – also receive tablet devices to facilitate more efficient learning and class attendance.

Besides student scholarships, an exceptionally humane action by two sports associations was presented – the “VIN Academy” from Belgrade and the Judo Club “Kukolj Team,” promoting martial arts for the blind and visually impaired, and supported by SAKOM since 2023.

Additionally, the monograph “The Duboki Potok Monastery” saw the light of day. This monograph is the result of years of respect, cooperation, and sincere friendship between SAKOM and the small monastic brotherhood of the Duboki Potok Monastery, built 14 centuries ago in northern Kosovo and Metohija. This followed a donation of computer equipment and funds for a library cabinet to preserve old restored manuscripts from the 16th century.

SAKOM members are resolutely committed to selflessly supporting the spiritual and cultural mission of this sanctuary in preserving the heritage of the Serbian people in the region of the Ibar Kolašin. The Duboki Potok Monastery represents immovable cultural heritage, and the eponymous monograph describes its centuries-old history and documents the incredible act of its complete renovation.

The significance of SAKOM’s efforts to improve daily life in the areas where it operates has been recognized by the community itself and numerous business entities. Among them are “ADORÉ Chocolat,” the first Serbian brand of handmade premium chocolate products, and the company “WAP System,” who are faithful partners of SAKOM in supporting student scholarship holders. United by the mission to improve the lives of ordinary people in these regions through socially responsible business practices, they are determined to maintain this path in the years and decades to come.