SAKOM scholarship holder Uroš Pantelić

I am glad that I am one of the SAKOM scholarship holders and that I had the opportunity to meet other scholarship holders and the people who made the scholarship possible for us. After receiving my first SAKOM scholarship, it has helped me by making it easier to meet my obligations during my studies, such as the canteen and the dormitory. I like the events organized by SAKOM, where they invite us, scholarship holders, to participate, meet new people, and socialize.

It’s nice to know these wonderful people we can turn to if we need help or assistance. That’s why, when I graduate, I would like to be able to help young people. I want to help both financially and with entrance exams for primary and secondary schools because young people are the country’s future.

If I got a chance to visit Azerbaijan, I would like to see the Heydar Aliyev Center, a museum and gallery in that complex. Also, I would love to visit the municipality of Nabran, which looks fantastic in pictures and I’m sure in person.

Uroš Pantelić