SAKOM scholarship holder Stefan Ljubinković

A self-review began during the first moments of enrolling in college – “Is it possible to achieve this?” Considering the financial situation and current rental prices, and living costs, I realized that it would not be so easy. I came to terms with the fact that I would leave the faculty aside to get a job and partially finance my studies. At that moment, when everything around me was gray and seemed like torture, SAKOM appeared with its scholarship. This scholarship covers a significant part of my expenses, allowing me to focus on studying rather than finances. However, the scholarship itself would not mean much without the people who provide it. They are the ones who deliver security and support, and I thank them for that.

Even as a child, I loved playing with various documents, papers, Yugoslav banknotes, and the like. I think those were my first steps on this long journey. Although that path is still long and vast, I still see myself at the end of that path. Everyone has their own goal, which should not be modest at all, because the goal is what moves us. I have two goals. My first goal is to practice economics at the international level. As per that goal, in the third year of study, I will choose the module of international economics. My second goal is to one day be a man who will help those who need help in difficult times, and the role model for that is SAKOM.

I have a great love for travel, which also influenced my goal to work in the international economy. If I had the opportunity to visit Azerbaijan, I would visit the capital Baku. In addition to the city itself, it would be very important for me to get to know the people, their history and customs.

The essential thing in life is to have a good and honest friend who is always there to provide support. That’s what SAKOM is precisly for me, a true friend.

Stefan Ljubinković