SAKOM Scholarship Holder and English Language Improvement

Since October 2023, scholarship holder Stojan Vučinić has been actively enrolled in an English language course thanks to SAKOM support. This support stems from the scholarship holder’s sincere desire to improve his English language knowledge, and SAKOM recognized and supported this desire to learn.

Since that time, Stojan has dedicated himself to improving his English, overcoming obstacles and exploring new horizons of language proficiency. As a result of his persistence and dedication, he has achieved outstanding results. Stojan has made significant progress through his work and effort, showing not only an understanding of the language but also the ability to express himself in it in increasingly sophisticated ways. His success serves as an inspiration to those who strive to overcome language barriers and achieve their educational goals.

As he continues to gain new knowledge on his journey of learning English, we wish him all the best. May this support be a wind in his sails as he embarks on the new challenges and opportunities presented to him.