SAKOM Scholarship Awardee Marta Galjak

The feeling of gratitude has always been a confirmation that I live a good and happy life. To be grateful because of something means having circumstances, and more importantly, good and right people on your side. Being awarded the Serbian Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce’s SAKOM scholarship is one of life’s unique gifts, primarily because of those who are a part of it – people who have recognized in me something worthy of supporting, worthy of paying attention to. As a student, the material support received through the scholarship reduced my worries about finances and enabled me to dedicate my time to achieving my academic goals fully. The pinnacle of the story in which I am a part of SAKOM is not the scholarship itself, but people – role models, meeting whom will forever remain one of my greatest privileges. A blessing, in fact. Because in this city, which represents the beginning of my path of science and career, I have you, who stand behind my every step with your bright example and support.

Molecular biology is a growing science for which there is an increasing need nowadays. As a future scientist in this field, I will try to respond to the challenge that lies ahead. I will try to bring my studies to an end in the most efficient and high-quality way and continue improving myself every day as a person and as a scientist. With hard work, sacrifice, humane deeds, we ensure a shared future, and we get the opportunity to respond to and overcome everything that time brings us.

Travels would always bring a feeling of freedom and excitement in sight of the new and unknown. By expanding our horizons through travel, our life energy is renewed. I have a great desire to visit the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. It is said that this city has everything, its sea, its history, and its clear border with the modern and the contemporary. It is a city of museums, festivals and most importantly good people. Such a city, I believe, is never forgotten.

Being a part of SAKOM will remain my great reward and reason for pride.

Marta Galjak