SAKOM Scholarship Awardee Jelisaveta Isaković

It is of vital importance in life to have a strong support system that sustains and stimulates you when you fall and when it seems impossible to continue. This year, my family faced tremendous life tragedy. In such moments, it seems that all the world’s problems are gathered only around you, but SAKOM was found in the most challenging moment and made it significantly easier for us to proceed. The help in the form of a scholarship that SAKOM provides to my brother Petar and me allows us to shift all our focus to studies and finish it as soon as possible, which is our biggest goal.

My love for the biological sciences comes from my family. Petar is a student at the Faculty of Agriculture, and I am a student at the Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade. It seems that our other two siblings also strive to engage in biological sciences, and Petar and I will certainly encourage them with their pursuits. Our spheres of interest are intertwined, and I believe that, as before, we will learn together and achieve results.

As SAKOM members, we were given the opportunity to meet influential people we look up to, but also other scholarship holders, and thus we have developed an unbreakable bond. I hope that together we will visit Azerbaijan, meet new people and culture and make many beautiful memories.

We are immensely grateful to the SAKOM members who recognized in us future scientists that are worthy of support. It is a beautiful feeling to have good people, standing behind you and acknowledging your potential.

Jelisaveta Isaković