Report on COVID-19 News and Measures in Republic of Serbia

The purpose of this gathered information is to spread verified information regarding the COVID-19 measures in the Republic of Serbia, which may be of great value to SAKOM websites’ visitors.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Republic of Serbia in last March 2020, the country has gone through an enormous transition of adapting to the unprecedented hardships, doing everything in its power to give its citizens needed protection. Nevertheless, the citizens themselves had also to present their willingness to cooperate and follow the precautionary measures.

As of April 23, the total number of patients in Serbia since the beginning of the pandemic has exceeded half a million – a total of 675,904 cases of coronavirus have been registered so far. Furthermore, 3,754,852 people have been tested, and 6,164 people have died. The mortality rate is 0.91%.

Below we present to you the relevant data, taken from the following official websites:

The Government of Republic of Serbia
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

Entry Regime in the Republic of Serbia

Individuals coming to the Republic of Serbia from all countries of the world, except the Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Hungary, are allowed to enter the Republic of Serbia only with the negative RT-PCR test not older than 48 hours.

Individuals coming from the USA are allowed to enter the country with a negative FIA Rapid Antigen test instead of a negative RT-PCR test.

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ENTERING SERBIA FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES WITHOUT A PCR TEST -> for a detailed information for this matter please read the instructions at the following link

Vaccination Statistics

On April 19, the doses of given vaccines in Belgrade alone reached 941,362. According to Belgrade Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić, most citizens of Belgrade received the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm (631,251 doses), followed by the American Pfizer (147,022), the Russian Sputnik V (123,826) and the British Astra Zeneca (60,767).

Current Precautionary Measures

Since April 12, the shopping malls in Serbia are reopened, yet the work is still prohibited for catering facilities within shopping malls, but they are enabled to sell food and drinks over the counter.

When it comes to other service activities, the measures remain the same, which means that all types of sales and service facilities can work until 10 pm, including the gardens of restaurants and cafes, but without live music.

Pharmacies, gas stations, food delivery as well as ordinations and labs in the field of medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine can work indefinitely.