SAKOM is proud to share the story of its scholarship holder, Stefan Ljubinković, who manages to be a valuable and responsible member of his community on top of studying hard. Stefan has successfully completed his first year at the Faculty of Economics in Novi Sad and set an example that apart from personal success, the well-being of the community in which we live is also important.

Stefan has told us that he is aware that many people are not in a position to deal on their own with various problems, from financial ones to cruel fighting for life. This awareness has motivated Stefan to join with no hesitation in raising money campaign for the treatment of sick children.

- By chance, I came across an ad looking for students, who would hold boxes in various locations in Novi Sad (such as Danube Park, Štrand, in front of the Promenade shopping center, etc.) where people with big hearts could donate money to help children who fight against vicious diseases, the treatment of which is costly - said Stefan.

Stefan further explains that it is not always easy because the heat is too intense, shade is not always present for getting away from the sun, nor are all people friendly towards such campaigns. However, he emphasizes that one thing always keeps us going - the thought that we will help someone!

- I can say that I had a role model that I could look up to, and that is SAKOM. Also, I could say that, in a way, only now do I understand how all SAKOM members feel, providing us with help and support. Only by being united can we conquer everything - concludes Stefan.

We hope other young people will be inspired by Stefan's activities and follow his example.