The Serbian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (SAKOM) was established on May 31, 2010 by 5 founders and pursues the following aims:

To represent, cooperate, support and protect economical, commercial and technical interests of its members,
To support the development of trade and industrial activities of its members through the organization of production and technological cooperation and trade between Serbia and Azerbaijan,
Development of measures for providing various information and documentation, industrial and commercial marketing, market research, etc.,
Organization of consulting, commercial arbitration and conciliation between the members of the Chamber and between them and third parties,
Organization by the competent authorities of trade fairs and specialized exhibitions, advertising and commercial activities,
Publication and distribution of catalogs, newsletters, professional advices, brochures and other publications of technical, market and advertising in print and digital format,
Establishing and developing relations with similar associations and employers’ organizations in Azerbaijan, through its membership, exchange of commercial information, or other forms of cooperation,
Training and professional development of members of the Chamber and other business entities in accordance with their needs and interests, and depending on the requirements of the market in Serbia and in Azerbaijan,
Organization of seminars, conferences, business forums, as well as other events of a similar nature,
Careful monitoring of commercial, economic and financial laws and the laws on working conditions in Azerbaijan and Serbia in the commercial, economic and financial areas by educating their members.


We invite you to join our Chamber and ensure mutually beneficial cooperation, support for economic and trade areas, as well as opportunities to develop a fruitful business relationship.